Why Every Hunter Should Have a Binocular Harness

First, if you are not using binoculars while you bow hunt or gun hunt, you should.  Binoculars are arguably the second most useful tool behind the bow or gun. You use binoculars to see what’s coming or what’s moving behind that tree two football fields away.  All with less movement than raising you gun to look through the scope.  It is one of the best scouting tools there is.

Now that I’ve got that out of my system, here are the top 6 reasons why you should use a bino pack.


1.       The bino pack is useful for many reasons and is relatively new on the hunting scene.  They have been used out west for years but most tree stand hunters are catching on to its benefits.  The pack keeps your binoculars tight on your chest within immediate grasping distance. No more digging in your backpack while the game bounds away.
2.       The bino pack is comfortable, supporting all the weight evenly over your shoulders and takes the bounce and swinging of the binoculars out of play. No more thin straps biting into your neck and shoulders on long walks or sits in the tree stand.
3.       The bino pack keeps the binoculars clean and dust free.  There is nothing worst than needing your binos as the big buck walks in, but you can’t see through them because the snow clogged the eye piece.  Protect that expensive investment. 
4.       During the off-season or while you are scouting, use the bino pack to carry trail camera batteries or use it for dog training and carrying his treats. I’m even used it flyfishing and keep critical gear close at hand.
5.       The bino pack, for me, has almost replaced the backpack. I keep my hunting license, knife, ear plugs, and small flashlight right in the pack along with the binoculars. Essentially eliminating the need for a back pack on some hunts.
6.       And, my favorite of all, the bino pack can be used to carry snacks. Who doesn’t like snacks while you are out in the woods.  Pack a Snickers to keep you satisfied.  Or, some Sour Patch Kids and  sunflowers seeds to keep you from taking a nap at prime time.


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